Throughout my time in the technology and video game industries, I’ve learned that leading teams and constantly improving the creative development process is what I’m most passionate about. I’m fascinated with using interactive systems to push technology and entertainment forward, and I love working at the heart of building these systems.

I’m a project manager at Electronic Arts in the San Francisco Bay Area, leading teams focused on creating and enhancing development tools and infrastructure. Previously, I worked in a production role at leading art outsourcing studio CGBot, where I collaborated with several game studios, ranging from indie devs to AAA companies to coordinate their external development. Prior to that, I spent time working in video game licensing for 20th Century Fox and worked with producers, artists, and marketers to ensure quality licensed content across various development efforts.

Additionally, I’ve worked in digital marketing for an economic development agency in rural Oklahoma, interned at creative technology studio Chaotic Moon (acquired by Accenture), and coordinated QA and playtest sessions for Phaser Lock Interactive‘s HTC Vive launch title Final Approach. In my spare time currently, I serve as a Data Fellow at Delta Analytics, a social impact-oriented organization that provides high quality, pro bono data science consulting for nonprofits around the globe. I’m helping the BBC’s international development charity, BBC Media Action, get insights from their public service media channels across the developing world.

At the University of Texas at Austin (UT), I began studying in the Games & Mobile Media Applications program in UT’s renowned Radio-TV-Film department in 2012. While working on award-winning student media projects, I learned that leading passionate teams is what I enjoy most. While at UT, I worked as the Asst. Digital Media Director of Texas Student Television and as Treasurer of UT’s Electronic Game Developers Society. I also since supplemented my game development experience by obtaining certificates in business administration and digital media from UT, as well as taking a fascinating 10-week Data Analytics course from General Assembly after graduation.

To learn more about me, feel free to explore the rest of the site through the menu in the upper right corner. You can also review my LinkedIn profile as well.


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