CTO Poster FIFA-2

QA WiFi Portal Project     View Poster

As an intern at EA, I led a project to redesign the mobile testing user experience for our global quality assurance teams. Working with both internal design resources and  external partners, we followed an iterative design process that heavily involved future users throughout. I presented this poster at EA’s annual CTO Intern Tech Fair to provide a high-level view of the project and its impact.



Project VAL     Download Game     Watch Trailer

Project VAL is a VR thriller puzzle game set in an abandoned spaceship. Featuring creative puzzles, a detailed and terrifying environment, and a mind-bending sci-fi narrative, Project VAL completely immerses players in a compelling VR experience.

I served as project lead on this student game. My primary duties including creating, assigning, and tracking tasks for the team, reviewing and creating art assets to use in-game, and structuring our development schedule and facilitating team meetings and discussions. I also worked as an artist during our three-month development time, where I dealt primarily with materials in UE4 and texturing/mapping 3D models.



Schism    Download Game     Watch Trailer

Schism is a 3D first-person video game that I helped create for the 3D Game Development Capstone course at UT in Spring 2015. The game follows Trinity, who must work with a mysterious organization to enter alternate continuums in search of her kidnapped brother. The core gameplay relies on stealth, platforming, and dialogue choices. I worked on Schism with five other very talented people, and we completed it by the end of the semester in May.

As the lead artist, I had a number of responsibilities. To begin the project, I set up and organized a Dropbox for us to store assets in and established a naming convention for all files. I also encouraged a standardization of tools for the project so we could help each other more efficiently when needed, and we settled on using Maya as our modeling and animation software. I also led daily art department Scrum meetings, as well as participating in daily meetings with the other leads. Overall, my main responsibilities included ensuring efficiency through the pipeline, from concept art to modelling to animation and getting the final asset in the game engine (using JIRA to track progress – I created and managed tasks for the art department), as well as working to encourage the art team to meet deadlines while providing as much assistance as possible. I also worked as a member of the design department, where I helped to develop game mechanics and design levels.



Expiration Date     Play Game in Browser     Watch Trailer

Expiration Date is a 2D mobile puzzle-platformer that I created with two others as part of a semester-long project for our Interactive Media and Game Development class at UT in Fall 2014.  I worked on this game with two very talented people, Connor Murphy (art) and Rachael Teague (writing/level design) to develop this game from concept to alpha build.

I functioned as the programmer and project lead. As the project lead, I worked to ensure deadlines were met during our game’s development and made sure that we had our alpha build up and running by the due date at the end of the semester. I also worked with our artist on what assets we needed and facilitated an effective pipeline that allowed us to create and insert art into the engine efficiently. In addition, I collaborated with our writer/level designer to provide feedback and implement her ideas within the GameSalad engine, while also designing certain levels myself. We used GameSalad to create the game, and though GS uses visual programming instead of scripting, the core game programming concepts used while designing and implementing the game’s mechanics remain the same. As someone with some basic programming skills, using GameSalad to create an interactive system without actually writing code was a fun learning experience, and allowed me to focus more on gameplay and mechanics design without getting bogged down in syntax.



Midnight on the Bayou     Play Game in Browser

This is a game environment I created for my Computer Graphics for Games and Film class at UT in Fall 2014. My goal with this project was to create a moonlit antebellum environment for the player to explore. I began by procedurally creating a terrain in Unity and altering it using the terrain tools to fit the design I had intended. I modelled and textured two footbridges and a large plantation home in Maya and brought them into the engine as assets. I downloaded the trees and grasses from the Asset Store and deliberately placed them throughout the environment.The stone fence around the house and the mist particle effects rising from the water are also from the Asset Store. I created the lightning bug particle systems myself within Unity, however.



Phaze Break 

Phaze Break is a video game I made with a team for the September 2014 EGaDS Game Jam at UT. We had 24 hours to create a video game that expressed the theme “Binary.” To implement this theme in our game, we went with a contrasting black and white art design, and developed two opposing gameplay mechanics, “phaze” and “create.”

For this game jam, I primarily played the role of 3D artist. I designed and modelled the player robot character in Maya and also created a walk cycle, jump animation, and a “create box” animation for that character as well. In addition, I modelled, textured, and animated two different styles of doors that were placed at the end of each level. I also textured the game’s two types of platforms in Unity, and finally, I also assisted with the design of the game and its mechanics. The other members of our team included Tucker Campbell (Programming), Paul Vonder Haar (Design), Caitlin Qian (Art), and Wilson Villegas (Music).


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